Goth Challenge Day 4- Goth Cliche’s you can relate to

  1. I love bats(fluffy and real), spiders(fluffy and real), skulls (Find me a fluffy one:D), crows (including Brandon Lee/Eric Draven), snakes (Fluffy and rubber and real)
  2. I love black, I own black lipstick, I wear black nail varnish
  3. I have an exotic/unusual pet and if I didn’t keep rats as pets I’d be more inclined to keep a snake/I’ve loved snakes since I was a little girl- always begging to go to the snake park and snake shows.
  4. I love horror, vampires(Twilight was o.k but sparkling vampires- really? o_O) and zombies
  5. I love Edgar Allen Poe with specific emphasis on his “The Raven”/ I love Lord Byron, the Bronte’s and Gothic literature and all kinds of poetry
  6.  I love Gothic architecture and wouldn’t mind living in a Gothic manor
  7.  I’m into the occult
  8. I love cemeteries and desperately want to visit as many old and decrepit ones as possible
  9.  I love the Victorian mourning culture and I’m currently making a Steampunk/Victorian outfit
  10. I love “real” goth music like Bauhaus
  11. I suffer from depression but deal with it through art and morbid poetry
  12.  I love small hats
  13. I go batsh*t crazy on Halloween and buy all the fluffy spiders dancing cats with singing pumpkins and jack o lanterns I can for all year round decoration
  14. I believe Halloween should be every day
  15. I have black candles and try to collect as many gothic candelabra’s as possible
  16. I have absinthe and I’m waiting for a special occasion to have some the proper way
  17. My bed is usually black or red
  18. I love coffin motifs and I have a coffin-shaped mini-jewellery box
  19. I actually know where the Skull and Crossbones motif came from
  20. I like dark humour and think creepy things are cool
  21.  I am somewhat of a misanthropist
  22. I like Stephen king
  23. I’m sure there are many more but I cannot think of them all right off the top of my head…

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4 thoughts on “Goth Challenge Day 4- Goth Cliche’s you can relate to

  1. Cliches exist because they tend to be true. I’m Gothic too and I love the same things you do. I’m not sure if a bit misanthropy. I prefer to believe that certain situations will bring out the worse in humanity. I have to hope.

    You forgot Anne Rice and our eternal love for her. lol

    • Yes indeed, I forgot Anne Rice, and all good vampire fiction.

      Hope is good to have, but my in my experience, although individual humans that I love are nice, kind people, the human race is just not worth my respect in general. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a compassionate person, and I always help people where I can, I just think humans as a whole are disgusting.

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