The Sacred Magic Of Ancient Egypt- Book Review image

This fabulous book by Rosemary Clark, contains a wealth of informatio offering a practical way in which to engage in Egyptian Ritual and Religion, as such it contains myths, rituals and observances. It also covers the Egyptian Architecture and its esoteric significance, theurgy and correspondences.

This book is a must have for anyone who is looking to inform their personal practice with an Egyptian flavour, or as a good start for those interested in Kemeticism.

A previous post of mine entitled offerings to the Neter, came from this book, and is an example of the many tables and diagrams in this book that help explain the Egyptian Cosmogony and deity groupings.

There are rites for monthly/seasonal observance, daily observance and ways in which to work both as a solitary practitioner and with a group.

“The gods are no longer drawn into their familiar territory in modern times, but their appearances are nevertheless apparent. They only require a seat upon which their powers may become manifest and be honoured” p28

One of the things that drew me to Egyptian practices is the way in which the Egyptian viewed the world. How they maintained a connections between nature, the gods and themselves and how they lived their lives through ceremony. This book helps to develop that interest and gives a practical way in which to apply it to modern life.

I give this book 5/5 stars

“If I live or pass on, I am Asar.

I enter you and appear through you,

I decay in you, I spring forth in you,

I descend in you, I repose in my side.

The gods are living in me,

As I live and grow in the emmer that sustains the exalted ones”

-Coffin text #330 cited on p3

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