Gothic Grimoire- Book Review

This book was actually not half bad. No, I’m serious.

Except for K’s continuing arrogance the book actually teaches some interesting techniques on Expanding intuition, working thoughforms, Astral travel,  and a rite to Innanna.

Of course This isn’t five star material, but it still wasn’t as painful as book 1, and at least it is a small respite before carrying on to read that awful Nocturnicon.

This is not an advanced book in my opinion, but an intermediate one, it does assume prior knowledge. I think people believe this type of thing should be labelled Advanced because it works with darker things, but from one dark deity worshipper to another this really isn’t pushing it to advanced techniques and practice quite yet.

I like that he says to apply what works for you, as that is key, doing something that doesn’t work  for you is one of the only ways of doing it wrong. Empty rituals are pointless, so I agree wholeheartedly, do what works for you.

“The dark current is, in a way, the only ally you need in your path to spiritual development. ” p5 Of course we all know I’m a person who prefers balance so this isn’t accurate for me.

Self initiation is a hot topic within the pagan community. Many say it cannot be done, you need to be initiated, others say who initiated the first witch. I see both sides of the argument because initiation is more than just a ritual, it is  process, and I believe personally that it is the gods that initiate us, not some magician, High Priest/ess, or ourselves for that matter. He does have an initiation ritual (p9) that can act as a nice dedication if that’s how you’d like to look at it.

He talks about covens, and how to go about finding possible members.

Chapter 3 or The Nocturnal Sabbats, describes how to give the sabbats a darker twist, I find this section unhelpful to my own purposes. He suggests that celebrating Yule with northern hemisphere dates in the southern hemisphere is good option. (p26) Um no. Yule-Winter solstice, cannot be celebrated in 28-36* C heat, sorry, no, no never.  He does leave it up to the reader to decide, but in my opinion it is very incorrect occult practice, people always practiced by their regional seasonal dates, it;s not like a birthday or day of commemoration it is a Solstice and depending on where you are on the planet will affect this.

He also believes that the dark half of the year is most beneficial for nightkind as this is when nightkind best connect to night (p27). I have to disagree. In winter it sometimes is unbearable to walk outside at night as it is too cold, in summer I can sit on the jungle gym and stare at the moon without getting frostbite or packing on layers of coats, socks and scarves.

Again he does focus on mind reading-this time going into a sleeping individuals thoughts. Again I find this a tad unethical, but it is up to each person to decide their personal ethics.

He has a nice tarot spread on p 75. He has an astral travel technique which is sundered with his own arrogant promotion of it ” Note that I’m using the word “will”. That’s because you will get out of your body with the technique you’re about to learn.” p84

He has nice and interesting glamoury techniques.

He takes the reader step by step through making a Nocturnal Servant, which is essentially a working thoughtform, from birth to death. He also includes banishing and exorcism techniques which is really the most advanced you’ll get in this book.

The last part of the book, consists of rites and spells to increase concentration, find a date, help with depression, weightloss, and developing night vision and sex magic. He ends with a rite to Innanna which focuses on her descent to the underworld.

I give this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

I don’t know when I’ll gather my energies to read Nocturnicon as I actually loathe that book, but it will come in time 🙂


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