Monthly Theme Post- Rings

Wolf and skull

Pentagrams and another whole finger ring


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11 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Post- Rings

  1. I love the whole-finger rings, but are they comfortable to wear? I’ve looked longingly at them (and some slave bracelets with them) on eBay several times, but I’m always afraid they’d pinch! And the peridot is gorgeous-I love green.

    • They are not too comfortable, especially the smaller one. I only wear them once in a while due to this, but they do make an outfit pop! It depends on how long you’re planning on wearing them for, and for what, as they are cumbersome at times.

  2. The peridot is gorgeous! What a thoughtful boyfriend. 🙂 I love the two little purple flowers, too. Those whole-finger rings are awesome, but I’m with Jamie – I could see lots of pinching or restricted movement. But us Goths are not afraid to suffer a bit in the name of fashion! ;-D

    Thank you so much for participating and sharing your ring collection!

    • As always it was fun to participate so I thank you for these theme posts, it is always wonderful to see the amazing things other goths have collected! There is quite a bit of restricted movement and the smaller one leaves ugly marks on my finger, but I agree we sometimes suffer for our fashion 🙂

  3. I love the peridot ring! I posted on one too — though I love the intense green hue of yours. And agree with the comments above — love the whole-finger rings.

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