My free tarot reading from Edgar Danmar! A very good reading and very professionally done!

Dear Nightshade,

here below is your free tarot reading in response to the following question:

How do my career and financial prospects look? I’m just out of university and I’m looking to start my career, and set up my own home.

I decdided to use 5 card spread to gain a general overview around your finances. This is a five card Tarot spread that looks at the issues in the your current financial situation and whether moneywill be coming into your life in the near future.


  1. Your current financial foundation.
  2. Will money be coming into your life very soon?
  3. Money opportunities you may wish to consider more closely.
  4. Who or what project will bring in more money for you?
  5. Outcome

The cards that came through for you:

  1. The Chariot
  2. Death
  3. Hermit
  4. The Star
  5. Wheel of Fortune
Your current financial foundation: Energy is moving forward in your life right now and…

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