Crazy spider web coasters!

Coasters are wonderful things that prevent ugly watermarks on tables and fabric, and so I really wanted to make myself some great gothy ones. I think I saw something similar at 365 Days of Halloween Tumblr blog, but it’s difficult to find it again!


Black Felt

White thread

Sewing needle


Circle template (use something slightly larger than your mug)

I decided to put my black felt to good use and I cut nice circles, making sure that the fabric was folded over double and that it would be a big enough coaster to hold my mugs.

I then started from the middle making straight lines to the edges of the circles, doing two sides together.

Once that was done It was time for me to connect the vertical lines with horizontal lines going all the way across in a somewhat crazy spiral, again doing it on both sides together.

These are what I got as my outcome.

My mother liked them so much i made some for her too. of course you can make these in all sorts of colours for a more bright kitchen and home, just make sure the felt and the thread are contrasting colours, or at least not of the same shade otherwise the web design will not be visible! I made 4 for my smaller mugs, and 2 slightly larger ones for my giant cups.

In use on my bedside table (Yes my table is pretty green and pink, for love, romance, joy, peace and growth:-) )


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2 thoughts on “Crazy spider web coasters!

    • I’ve also had that problem with a few of the blogs I follow, it’s probably just a bug.

      Of course you can copy them! They’re pretty easy, let me know how they turn out!

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