Goth Challenge Day 5, 6 & 7! Music!

Day 5: Is there a local goth band or group in your area?

Not that I know of, where I currently live, I think I’m the only goth in my area, I’m the only one bustling about in Ne0-Victorian wear and sometimes Gothabilly style clothes with heavy eyeliner, blasting the Sisters in my car while my boyfriend looks on with a combination of admiration and fright at my flailing arms. As far as I know there isn’t even a goth or rock club in my current area, let alone a band. There are alternative and rock clubs around, but they are a bit far from me…

There was, however, a goth band called The Awakening that hailed from Johannesburg in the mid 90’s, I do enjoy what I’ve come across!

Silex is another South African  band that I’ve just recently heard about. I like what I’ve heard from them too!

Plasticoma is an electro goth band from Johannesburg, I’m not a huge fan but it’s alright.

Hexotericka is from Pretoria but I’m not to familiar with many of their songs, they are also Electro-goth.

Day 6: Handwrite your favourite lyric and take a picture:

My favourite lyrics are often changing but here are Marilyn Manson’s Coma White (I know it’s not Goth), Lucretia My reflection from The Sisters of Mercy and Walk like a Zombie by the Horrorpops.

Day 7: 10 of your favourite goth bands:

Only 10:( ?

Joy Division


The Cult

The Sisters of Mercy

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Inkubus Sukkubus

Radio Werewolf


Switchblade Symphony


But there are many,  many more that I love as well!


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2 thoughts on “Goth Challenge Day 5, 6 & 7! Music!

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  2. I’d like too say I know what you talking about, I’m the only old goth still in this city of some what roses and I know of no great goth bands here everybody is into death music here well even the yuppies are and I know of a thew great goth bands from South Africa like No Friends of Harry, The Awakening and Warthane more punk like would be The Psycho Reptiles now these are bands then you get like Tribe After Tribe more alternative but great.

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