Goth Challenge Day 8- What’s your best and worst experience with non-goths?

Worst- other than being stared at like I’m Cthulhu (although I doubt anyone but goths, pagans and nerds know who/what that is), and the awful snickering and fake compliments that come with it, I’ve almost been deliberately ridden over during the full light of a sunny day while I was about 14 in a long black skirt, black top, short spikes and collar and -I think it was- purple lipstick. It was enough to make me rethink my dress choice…for a second. Then I just said screw it, I’m happy, they’re not, let me carry on strolling.

I also really hate it when people come up to me and ask me if I’m going  to a party or where am I going, as if it is really anyone’s business, that all I’m actually doing is grocery shopping and buying crickets for my lizard and going to lunch with my boyfriend. The reason it irks me so much is that I don’t go around asking well dressed people if they are off somewhere, as I was taught that it was ill-mannered.

I don’t mind answering questions about “What are those ______ you’re wearing” from someone who genuinely likes it though.

Best- Not one experience in particular but it’s nice when I get genuine compliments from non-goths, and the way when I wear my glittery bat wings that little kids give me this “in-awe-slightly-creeped-out-but-your’e-interesting” expression.

As a sidenote, many goths have gotten far worse treatment than I have up to date, some even having had their lives taken because they looked like “freaks”, in this situation who exactly is the real freak?

Where I currently live, as noted before no goths have been spotted, although I’ve seen people wearing Tim Burton fan shirts, they still look at me like I’m a nut. At my varsity I knew a few metal-heads and saw many hanging about, but that is about it. I guess I’m quite a spectacle to those who haven’t seen a goth before, especially when I’m wearing skull pony tails and top hats with bats on my top and spiders on my shoes. Not everyone appreciates the goth aesthetic, but most of the time, it’s just strange to people who grew up without eccentric parents or friends.

Sometimes I’ve had to fight the urge to dress a bit more “casual” to appease other peoples’ notions of appropriate grocery shopping dress, but the thing is I enjoy dressing the way I do, and I actually spend most of the day out, not just grocery shopping, but visiting the cemetery, having lunch with my boyfriend, or going to bookstores and watching movies. Why not dress up?

Of course, some people genuinely fear and for good reason, the reaction they may receive, which has led many a baby bat running for the hills, due to some idiot throwing drinks at them, throwing eggs at them and even beating them, if they are lucky enough to survive. Goth’s face a discrimination due, not only to how we dress, but the way we think too, and there really is not way to stop being yourself without selling yourself short, so we often wear what we like and just take the staring, and the taunts and hope that the world will become a less ugly place, for those who mainstream society deems abnormal.

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