Nightshade’s Early Autumn Cheer

I love coffee.

I think that is a given for most people but I really get overly addicted to it, and I like to do all sorts of things to make my coffee different.

Everyone should gather that I’m a very experimental person in the kitchen, as a vegetarian and having been a student for 4 years I’ve had to learn to be creative with my meals.

It has been a bit cooler these last few days, with lots of rain, the termites came out in a flurry yesterday while the birds and bats feasted to their delight. I’m of course reading the “Autumn Equinox” book of Ellen Dugan, and I’m getting happily into autumn cheer.

I know many Goths enjoy autumn as it is the best weather for velvets and wearing chunky boots becomes more of a necessity than a hot and sweaty way in which to make an outfit pop. Many witches enjoy this season too, for its rich shades and of course the cliche` association of witches and Halloween. Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of the year. With all of my Autumn excitement and singing about Pumpkins I decided to spice up my coffee with a bit of autumnal cheeriness.

I made this for myself, and there was only enough coffee for one person so this is basically for just one person, with no real measurements because I’m bad like that 😛

1 mug milk

Coconut milk






I heated the milk in a pot and added a few spoons of coconut milk. I then sprinkled on some nutmeg, a pinch of ginger and a liberal sprinkling of Cinnamon. Once it was boiled I added this to the mug which had two spoons of coffee. Add sugar to taste.

I think a bit of vanilla would make it taste even more awesome, but I’ve used all of vanilla on cupcakes!  (Sorry I finished it before I could take any pictures)

Happy witching this Autumn!


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