Goth Challenge Day 9 & 10: Dis/likes!

Day 9: What genre of music do you dislike?

I love most types of music, it has more to do with particular things I dislike in music than actual complete genres.

You will never catch me listening to Gaga even though she is much-loved by many alternative people. I frankly think her music style and message do not fit together. And I tire of people telling me I should like her because I’m weird… Um no. Listen to what you like, I don’t think trashing an artist is right, and I try my best to refrain from doing so. I don’t like it, that does not mean I’m an uncultured swine.

I don’t like twangy country music, it mostly just gets on my nerves. I cannot stand RnB except for Aaliyah (R.I.P).

I hate black metal. Yes I’m a metal-head too but really black metal? I also don’t like thrash much. That said, I love a good guitar and some powerful vocals.

I dislike Afrikaans music. And I can handle being told I’m not patriotic because the truth is I’m not. I defend people, animals, the environment and things I love, not a country with corrupt government officials. I o listen to some Kwaito occasionally and The Awakening and Silex. There are also some good bands out of SA (I’m not including the Parlotones monotones in this lol!)

I cannot tolerate most pop music, and therefore do not listen to the radio. I scour YouTube and the internet for music I like. I’m almost permanently attached to my Ipod which plays a string of all sorts including rock, metal, rap, reggae, catchy tunes and of course goth or goth friendly music!

Goth Challenge Day 10: What do love/hate about the Subculture


  • Being myself
  • The music
  • The clothes
  • The sense of belonging
  • The spooky things
  • The literature I can indulge in without feeling like a nerd
  • The creativity
  • Most of the Cliche`s like cemeteries etc (See Day 4)


  • Elitism
  • The pressure to be gothier than the gothiest goth
  • The people who think they know what goth is and then try to force their lack of knowledge on others
  • The way many Goths are treated by some people due to a lack of understanding or knowledge of the subculture

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6 thoughts on “Goth Challenge Day 9 & 10: Dis/likes!

  1. i’m still wondering if there ever will be a rap song i like but so far… um no… or does the pokemon rap count? 😀 but i like your thoughts on that!

    also very true points on love/hate list! ❤

  2. I can’t personally dismiss a whole genre of music, as even though I might not typically like pop or country or classical, there are songs that I come across and like a lot (e.g., “Get Some,” Lykke Li [pop], “Hurt,” covered by Johnny Cash [country], “Corpus Shot,” Meridian Arts Ensemble [classical]). I like goth/darkwave, but there a lot of bands that fit into that category that I don’t like whatsoever.

  3. I think most musical tastes are quite fluid, and there will always be the exceptions in each genre for me. I also dislike some of the goth/darkwave music I’ve come across!

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