Goth challenge Day 11: Is goth a lifestyle for you?

I would say, that indeed, it is very much a lifestyle for me. In the same way that being a bibliophile is a lifestyle. The things which I obsess about: the occult, witchcraft, being goth, art, poetry, books, nature are all a part of who I am. It is the way I live. I am a collector of all sorts of things: music, ornaments, books, fluffy spiders and bats, butterflies, jewellery, small hats and more. Everything I do, or how I choose to dress, how I choose to decorate my home, what I choose to believe are all things that make up my life and lifestyle. My philosophy is simple: Anything that is beautiful, reflects who I am and quirky will be absorbed into my aesthetic and life.

I grew into goth, I was always into spooky, morbid things and when I discovered the word “goth” and that there was an entire subculture  of morbid, dark delights, I could not stop myself. Of course I do not surround myself with exclusive “goth” things, but things that reflect what I find beautiful and what I feel best describes my personality. My gothic inspirations are often brought into my religious beliefs which can be seen through out this blog.

Not everyone views Goth as a lifestyle, some view as a way in which to have fun, let loose and dress up, and that is fine too. This is a subculture not a law.

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