The Purple Broom Turns One! A Year in Review…

Can I hear a whooop whoop for 1 year of blogging on the Purple Broom!

I started my blog as Esotericreflections, at the end of 2009. It was a half-hearted effort at best, I was unsure of myself, my blog, my path and the direction I was going in my life, as I had just changed my degree from a BA Fine Arts to one in that was more practical where I could continue English Lit and Art History without sacrificing my artistic integrity.

Esotericreflections crashed a million times, and I got tired of trying to find my old posts and putting them on in the correct order, I also felt that the theme did not reflect me. I have my demons, I’m not perfect, I have quirks and eccentricities, I have my pain, but it is through creation that I am able to work through it and experience the spiritual.

in 2010 a friend asked me a question for her art history project, about what role spirituality plays within art and how I work as a solitary artist outside of a group studio, my answer was more or less that I enjoy creating art alone because when it is just me and the canvas there are no distractions, it is just me, my influences (in pictures and poetry) and the media with which I’m working, it becomes a spiritual experience because it is so deeply personal.

I still believe that spirituality is about creation, a creation that comes through pain, love, happiness, depression, anger, anguish and anxiety, it is through this process that beauty is experienced and that we experience our gods.

This blog, has been very much the same experience for me. When I  moved to The Purple Broom, I decided to create. I decided to put myself out there and just write for myself, for my spirituality. It was never about how many subscribers I would have, or how many people liked my posts or didn’t. I never created for others, but for myself, as with my art. My blog subscribers are wonderful people and I’m glad that you enjoy listening to my rants and reading what goes on in my head, and it for you that I have tried to be as consistent in post frequency and content as possible, hoping that I entertain you, and help you when I can.

On February 23rd 2011, I began thepurplebroom…

I have posted about personal experiences with my gods, book reviews, experiences as a goth, recipes both edible and non, about how I incorporate gothic themes into my pagan practice, rituals, spells, crafts, opinions, pagan news, art, poetry, photography, graveyards and collecting gravedirt, Ouija boards and how to best use them, defining and refining my system, how I view the Sabbats, rants, about cursing, protection, and lust, about Karma and my opinions on the law of three, questionnaires, challenges, religious tolerance, elements, tools, basic psychology, DIY goth clothes and paraphernalia, taking pets to vets, myths, fairy tales,fairies, ghosts, politics, feminism, astrology, memento mori, spirituality, Wicca, Witchcraft, Neo-Wicca, inspirations, priestesshood, balance, sewing, altars and more.

Hopefully thepurplebroom will continue to grow as a resource for Southern Hemispherean pagans, pagans who work with dark gods, pagans in general, artists, and as a way in which to connect with other Goths. I will always attempt to post what is relevant to the pagan community regarding witchcraft and Neo-Wicca, and I will always  be as open and candid as possible about my experiences as a goth, and how I deal with depression, anxiety and spirituality through my art.

All blog content is Copyright © 2012 of Nightshade unless otherwise stated


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