Dealing Silently with Depression…

I’ve been feeling quite depressed lately, I’m always one to just get up and do it, regardless of what situation I’m put in. I often feel overwhelmed but I’m hoping that things will work out. The thing that most people don’t understand about me, is that I’m clinically depressed, I’ve been on medication and it made it worse, I’ve been to psychologists and I felt like it was just money down the toilet, because for me, although talking may relieve  my stomach from possible ulcers, it does not actually lessen the load. No matter who helps me, I’m still the one having to deal with it, on top of my depression, which is a full time job.

Not to mention, everyone else is dealing with their own stuff, how can you offload on others when they have a throng of their own problems?

So I go outside and sit on the junglegym and let the cool night air dry my tears as I look up into Nut and feel Hekate and Anpu by my side.

And I sew away my tears and put them into the thread, as each stitch gets pushed through. I take my coffee and slug it down, as Desperate Housewives plays on the laptop… Those are problems I can deal with.


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4 thoughts on “Dealing Silently with Depression…

  1. I wish I could meet you in person and talk to you. Sometimes it DOES help to talk to people with the same problem because they know what you’re going through. For me, it’s often comforting to talk to other people who suffer from depression. It makes me realize I’m not alone. And you aren’t either.

    I’m sending lots of hugs to you!

    • Thank you. I know what you mean about talking being comforting, sometimes it can be, the pressure in the pot gets released, and you may not blow. I often still feel that it doesn’t stop me from blowing. The thing is many of the people I know who suffer from depression do not want to talk about it, they prefer to keep that private and deal with it silently, like me. It isn’t healthy, and I agree with that,depression, however, is taboo even though it is so common.

      Thank you very much. I send my hugs to you too!

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