12 Month Challenge-Blast From the Past.

Great Sphinx of Giza and Khafre’s Pyramid, Giz...

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Most Neo-pagan paths draw inspiration from one or more ancient cultures. What ancient culture(s) inspire you and why?

Well this one is pretty easy 🙂 …

Egypt has fascinated me since I was a little girl, and of course now I worship an Egyptian god- Anubis, and incorporate elements from Egyptian ritual and magic into my practice. Of course what we know of actual Ancient Egyptian ritual is little, the best we can do is reconstruct the feel of it according to research.

One would wonder then, why I’m not a Kemetic recon, but I feel the structure does not suit me as much as the system I am currently creating, not to mention my Patron Goddess is not Egyptian.

One of my main reason’s for being in love with Ancient Egypt has been expressed in my book review of ” The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt.”

There is so much symbolic resonance within the religion, that it is hard to not find beauty in it. Reading The Circle of Isis, I found that the symbolism and beauty of it was potent for others as well, even within a strictly Wiccan context. The Gods are close, they are here, they are our friends and companions, as much as they are our teachers and guides, and that is what draws many of us to them. They aren’t just abstract entities, but real and close, It is the same feeling I get with Hekate.

It is a wish to one day visit Egypt and look upon the old tombs, and feel the ancient power of those places, of an ancient religion that was practiced for so  many Millenia, to touch the desert sand and to feel the power in the old temples, where my gods were once worshipped. I love the art and I remember as a young girl how I was completely blown away by the art, and I love to collect papyrus!

I’m currently learning about Ancient Greek religion and magic, which I find fascinating as well, but  Ancient Egypt will always be my heart’s home!

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