It’s a grey day- Monthly theme post

Today’s monthly theme post fromSophistique Noir, is grey. I am glad that this theme came up, as I was wondering how to match my greys and how to work with them, as I haven’t worn my Rose tights yet. Here are three of my outfits for a grey day: The Birds, Spiderwebs and Rosegarden.

Rose Garden- wool dress with butterfly motif, Grey Rose tights

Cameo- a boutique cannot remember the name- R90

Shoes Mr Price -R120

Tights- Mr Price- R35

Dress- Checkers- R60 (I have an orange and black one too, which is great for halloween:)

Rose Tights Closeup

Spider Webs- Technically I’d wear the tights with my spider shoes, but since the jersey dress is dark grey the black shoes looked better.

Spider Tights- Dance Boutique- R80

Shoes Mr Price- R120

Dress- Checkers R80

The Birds- my light grey corpgoth ensemble.

Top- Jay Jays R100

Shoes DIY Mr Price R90

Skirt- Mr Price I think it was R119

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23 thoughts on “It’s a grey day- Monthly theme post

  1. Ooh, super-cute! All of them are great, and the tights in the first one are adorable, but the third one is absolutely my fave. That skirt is phenomenal!

  2. What a fabulous collection of gray pieces! I especially love the rose tights, and that skirt with the adorable bow. Thanks for sharing these outfits for today’s theme!

  3. Oh my, you’ve got lovely stuff in your wardrobe!
    These tights are awesome. I like “the crow-shirt and skirt”-outfit a lot and whenever you want to get rid of the spider-shoes: just send them here! 😉

  4. I can’t make up my mind whether I like your spider shoes or your skirt or your leggings the most! Everything’s sooo fine here 😀

  5. At first I was like: “Ooohhh, roses, I love roses!” and then “Ohh my god, spiderwebs, they look soo cool!” then “AAhh, a bird-shirt, I… oh, loook, a bow, I NEED a skirt with a bow!” 😀

    Maybe I just need less mate tea, but the main thing is, that I really like your clothes.^^

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