Pumpkin Scarecrow protection- Autumn craft

This spell is from from Autumn Equinox by Ellen Dugan. As I want to be a fair judge of the book during the review I thought I’d try out some of the things from the book in the next 10-20 days!

Extract from p144…

“Scarecrow Property Protection Spell

For this spell you will need a scarecrow: it’s up to you as the to the size and style. Create your own using old clothes and a homemade wooden frame. Try using one of those realistic foam pumpkins for the head and stuff the clothes full of old pillows covered in plastic grocery shopping bags. I recommend plastic bags since it’s going to be exposed to the weather. If you stuff the scarecrow full of paper it will be soggy and probably get moldy. Use bits of straw or cornstalks for trim and to make it appear that the scarecrow is actually stiffed with straw. I use those plastic bags because my scarecrow is put into storage as the winter season arrives and this way I can easily re-use him year after year without a lot of hassle or expense.

Perhaps you’ll pick up a decorative scarecrow at an arts and crafts store to use for the following spells and charms- that will certainly work out just as well. Have fun and use your imagination. I bet you’ll come up with something magickal and uniquely your own.

After you have created or purchased a scarecrow and added it to your yard or garden, you may work this spell under a waxing moon to pull protection toward you and yours, or under a waning moon to banish negativity and to keep away prowlers or neighborhood mischief-makers. Once the scarecrow is set up, take a stroll outside at sunset or sunrise and enchant it with this protective spell. Repeat it three times:

Made from straw and old cast-off clothes,

The scarecrow sees more than you know.

Ward my garden well and protect us true,

Under the midnight stars and skies of blue.

Place your dominant hand (the one you write with) on the scarecrow and then close up the spell with these lines:

By magick of the Harvest Home this spell is spun

As I will, so mote it be, an’ let it harm none “

I made my own scarecrow, and I was inspired by Jack Skellington and the opening song of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” This is Halloween Technically this scarecrow is a fall “autumn equinox” craft but I really dislike scarecrows, they creep me out, It has something to do with “Jeepers Creepers” and that one episode of Supernatural (More or less like my dislike of clowns and lawn gnomes.)

Scary Jack looks more like a Halloween craft but you know me by now:) Feel free to make more traditional scarecrows. I also made him small enough to be put on a wall or door, as a large one is not practical.

I used:

An old paintbrush

Scrap Felt (black and orange) – Now you know why I tell you to keep off-cuts 🙂

A pumpkin candy holder

A bat ring

I stick the head on the brush

Admittedly with that face Scary Jack doesn’t strike one as scary!

I charged it during the waxing moon and changed the words of the spell to suit my needs:

“Scary Jack is made by hand

He protects me from all that’s bad

This hearth and home is protected well

By this scary Jack o’ spell.”

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