Drawing Down the moon- Link

Here is an article, Drawing down the moon by Rowan Pendragon.

Pendragon writes on her experience of drawing down the moon, or ritual possession.

This is probably the only thing that would make me want to experience a proper group Esbat, and that is to see my Lovely Lady Hekate being drawn down. Of course I’d love to see Anpu Drawn down too. As I’ve stated before on a previous post, I’ve done light aspecting as part of communion with my Gods, this takes plenty of concentration, and preparation, and much practice and can be dangerous if not controlled.

When you are possessed, or apsecting, or assuming a godform in totality, you are likely not going to remember the experience, as technically you are no longer in control of your actions, body or speech, but rather another entity is. It has been practiced in many cultures and religions and whether or not it is a psychological phenomenon or a legitimate ritual experience needs to be decided on your own.

Even when I didn’t know exactly what drawing down was, because of the plethora of fluffy books and the repetition of it in other books and the development of Wicca into Neo-Wicca or Oathbound Wicca into world known Wicca, I was hesitant to try drawing down, I do not know exactly why, it always just made me feel like something was not being said, or it was not the full story, because just about anyone can look at the moon, and feel its immense beauty, anyone can just recite a poem to the stars, what was missing from the story? Eventually while interacting online with Wiccans (Gardnerian and Alexandrian particularly), I finally understood, what was missing from public knowledge…

Possession. It is not just something to jump into unprepared, or untrained. I’m sure most Wiccans and Witches in the blogosphere know this, but unfortunately those not exposed to original texts, legitimate HP/S’s, formally trained priest/esses have only come to know it by its fluffy associations. Hopefully with the many excellent articles on the web, more accurate information about Drawing down will be received and understood.

Of course there is nothing wrong with praising the moon and reciting poetry to it, there is something incredibly beautiful and spiritual in this practice in and of itself, it just isn’t the traditional meaning of the ritual.

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Some thoughts about Channeling or Aspecting

Here is a cached copy of an article I found a few years ago: Aspecting deity– this describes the four levels of aspecting, the first two of which I do during ritual, I’ve gotten as far as in between level two and three, and will not venture beyond that due to safety, I feel that  Hekate or Anubis are part of me, but I am still the one that is primarily in control, although some of my actions I feel do not come directly from me, and I feel only slightly displaced. This is not my most common communion method, due to how easy it can be to slip away, particularly as a child and teenager I suffered greatly from depersonalization, and had to learn to control it, I also do not do this too often and stick to level one and two.


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