Goth Challenge Day 12- Gothic inspiration

Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Manson

Jillian Venters

Amy Asphodel

Steph Julian

Emilie Autumn

Adora Batbrat

The Every Day Goth

Gothic Lolita


Death Rock


Flapper style




Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter

Victorian Kitty

Emily the strange



Halloween and all things associated with it like pumpkins, bats, spiders


Addams family

Disney Villains

Edward Gorey

Edgar Allan Poe

The Bronte’s 

Lord Byron

Anne Rice in fact all sorts of literature, Horror, Victorian, Sci Fi, Fantasy

Almost everything that I like becomes an influence/inspiration, since we are looking at my goth inspiration, I’ll leave it at that, as there is really way too much to list here, the gothy blogs list on the side bar is also good to check to see what inspires me, as many goth bloggers and all of the ones listed inspire me in some way (I try to update it with more blogs, but I get busy and forget, so if you’re not on the list it doesn’t mean you don’t inspire me)! Also peak around my blog, and you will know more or less what type of things get my gothspiration on! Anything weird, spooky, creepy, scary, odd, pretty, cute, has the potential to be on my inspiration list, it is hard to define, even with the list above, but it gives you some idea of what I like, if only a small peak.


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