One Lovely Blog Award

Wooohoo! I was nominated by the awesome Siouxsie Law for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much!

The Rules are to list 7 random facts about yourself and then nominate 15 other bloggers.

First the random facts- as with my previous post, this gets quite difficult when all my blogs are random facts about me:-D

1. My favourite shape as a child was the heart. Yep like the one in the picture.

2. I haven’t had my T.V set up since the end of July 2011. This has resulted in me watching Desperate Housewives, My Family and Charmed on a loop, usually while doing tasks like sewing, reading and writing blogs.

3. Whenever I see a spider I go “Helloo little spider, How are you today, mind if I move you out of the bath? Thank you Mr Long Legs! Aaaw Look at little baby long legs over there!” “Hello ickle jumping spider!, you’re looking cute today!” I do the same thing with practically every animal/insect I come across.

4. One of my favourite meals as a kid was cooked rice and sugar.

5. The first animal I ever stopped eating was pig. I was 8 and on my great gran’s farm when my cousin told me the pigs were for food. I haven’t touched chicken or fish in 4/5 years. 

6. I sprain my ankle almost constantly, I’ve also broken both wrists, a bone in my upper arm, a few toes and a finger.

7. I struggle to sleep unless it’s pitch black. The only exception is if I’m feeling ill. The Hedgehog is the opposite often wanting the laptop, t.v, or bathroom light on.

And now the bloggers

1. EarthMother195

2. Amy Brinager

3. Stacey Blaise

4.Dazy Graves

5. Gloomy Fashion

6. Geeky Goth girl

7.Rosaleen Gallagher

8. The Scarlet Tartlet

That’s all I got, so many people have been nominated already, and I follow so many blogs all over the place, its hard to keep track!


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One thought on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I really enjoyed this post alot. I also have twisted my ankles umpteen times and totally understand the sleeping in the pitch dark thing. As the youngest of 7 kids, I think my Mama must have just put my ass in a dark room and said, “Now go to sleep!” I will definately participate in this post real soon. Thanks! 😉

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