Quick post- Finds at an esoteric shop!

Earthdragon and I made a stop at The House of Isis (Esoteric shop) in Rosebank today and I found two books which I’ve been looking for. The first is Lammas, which is part of the Sabbat series I spoke about in my last book review. I actually could not believe that I found it after having just written about wanting to complete the collection:).

The other book I found is Dion Fortune’s Book of the Dead. I’ve been looking for this book for 4 freakin’ years, and I finally have it.  YAY!

On top of that I thought I’d renew my incense collection, and I found a lovely one with a combination of Frankincense and Myrrh. At the shop I saw  Banana scented incense as well, but then I thought, I’d be constantly mislead to believe my mom was baking Banana Bread and I thought better of it….

The shop had some lovely finds, including A Bull/Ox Money charm which I was tempted to get for my boyfriend, I bought him a rain stick instead as he really wanted one.

I bought Earthdragon Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft, for her birthday which I’ll definitely be borrowing!

I was incredibly tempted to buy a golden Anubis statue until I saw its hefty price and thought better of it. I still could not find any of Hathor or Ma’at. There was a lovely white bull which would have worked well for Hathor but that was also quite pricey.


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