Goth Challenge Day 14- 17- Clothing and DIY

Day 14- Best and Worst DIY disaster

I’m proud of many things, My hats, my chokers, my spider shoes are also quite the success. It got quite a few compliments on the monthly theme post for March, and I really love them. Of course the sewing projects are probably my favourite. I did not do much for the next one, as a bustle skirt is difficult so my mum, did most of that and I just helped out a tiny bit, but the bustier/corset/bodice has been my favourite, although I’ve not quite had the chance to show it off properly yet.

My worst will have to be my conversion of a deboned bodice into a laced up bodice, it looks like a rat was chewing on it. absolutely freaking awful.

Day 15- Favourite and most expensive Item of clothing.

My favourite, would be my bustle skirt, which I’ll post sometime in the future, I have plans for wearing it on my birthday 🙂

My most expensive would be my bridesmaids bodice and skirt, that I wore for my mom’s wedding in 2007. It’s from the Hip Hop brand. It’s like a dusty champagne colour, and is really pretty. Unfortunately it no longer fits me, but hopefully it will again someday, as it makes for a wonderful evening outfit.

Day 16- What;s the most casual you’ve ever dressed

Arrrr! I ish scareh! I was about 15 at the time. 

Aside from my metal head style back when I was 14-16, which consisted of jeans, band shirts and chain belts, possibly, wearing my knit dresses, sans accessories and make-up on my can’t-be-bothered days.

Day 17- Favourite Goth Brand 

I don’t actually buy goth brands. I do like Heavy Red, and If I got the chance I’d get something from them.

All of my clothes come from normal shops, meaning… mainstream shops like: Mr Price, Edgars (if I’m lucky as they do like to over-charge), Jay Jays, I also buy from flea-market boutiques as they are rather affordable and often have nice pieces. I get some of my things from “The Dance Boutique” but usually only at Halloween, when they have things I might like, for instance my spider leggings, and my spider web suspenders.

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