Monster-Face Cup Cozies!

These were inspired by Amy Brinager’s Cup Cozies for Valentines day. Of course mine have a slightly different twist. These are only my first experiments with the “monster” theme. I’d like to make more detailed ones later on.

I used felt as my material, as that is all that I have that would work well. You will also need large buttons, elastic bands, sewing needles and thread.

Felt, face cutout, button

Blanket stitch, it's my first time doing blanket stitch:)

My different cozies 🙂 Top to bottom, "Zombie", "Boogieman", "Heart Monster","Fang"


The other side of the boogieman



The heart monster:)

Although my porcelain decoration on these mugs was a failure, my coffee will never be boring!


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