A Vegetarian Experiment- Pasta

This is a very simple dish, and is more of a “student” dish than a strictly vegetarian experiment. I actually just came up with this when I was digging through the cupboards and saw enough macaroni for one, but there was no cheese, or any instant sauces. All you need is: some macaroni Stir Fry- I used French (optional) (peas, green beans, red pepper, carrot, onion) A packet of instant soup, I used mushroom and herb Make the macaroni, by boiling it in water, a tablespoon oil and a pinch of salt. Cooking time differs according to whether you’re using a microwave or stove.m Fry the Stir fry in a little oil, you can boil it too, if you’re not into oil. Boil the kettle. Pour in a little water with your instant soup, this will be the sauce. Get it to a nice consistency, not too thick, not too watery. Adding vegetables is optional but this particular night, I felt like some vegetables. Besides it makes for a much rounder meal 😉 Add Salt and pepper to taste.


Yummy:) And to round it off, I made a cup of coffee, with a drop of vanilla essence and topped off with foam and a sprinkling of cinnamon…



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