Monthly Theme Post- Florals

Victorian Kitty over at Sophistique Noir again hosts the monthly theme post, and this month it’s florals!

Of course over here its Autumn but I can easily oblige the floral theme as I do love flowers, florals and flower decor. As a teenager my dream car was a black beetle with flowers and skulls, the ultimate Hippy-goth combo, which is me to a T. I also used to wear floral dresses all the time as a child. In my adult years I don’t tend to wear my florals too much as plain black is more my thing of course, but I do have a few floral numbers I’ll feature.

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Post- Florals

  1. You have such an eclectic collection of florals. I *LOVE* the black grass! Especially with its cute little flower. And your jewelry boxes. And those hats! *swoon* 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s actually funny, that I’ve now realised I’ve left out some of my other floral themed things, like tights, a vase, plastic flowers etc. They’re everywhere! Thank you!

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