Some thoughts on Divination

I practice divination, mostly Cartomancy through Tarot and Oracle cards, but I dabble in palmistry, runes and scrying. I also really enjoy Tasseography (tea leaf reading), and interpreting dreams. I believe that Divination is more than just a system to see what happens in the future, as the future is malleable. I feel that Divination can be a great way for understanding the inner workings of our minds, and the way we feel about certain things. It can help us get to know ourselves and others better and it is quite fun as well.
As the future is malleable, nothing in the cards is fully set in stone, decisions we make in the present, can change the future in an instant, what the cards show us then, is a possibility, one of the doorways, one of the roads, paths, lines, consequential events that may unfold according to a particular decision, action or event. As such, reading death in the cards is not as simple as just seeing a particular card. Ethically readers should not predict death, they can predict caution, and ways in which to help avoid the situation, but a death date should never be determined through the cards. When someone gets an idea in their head that they are going to die in the next few months, they bring it on themselves as a result of all the anxiety, worry and the energy that gets put into it.

The same is true for all the other forms of divination that we may use. The lines on our hands are constantly changing, I have well-defined lines on my hand that were not there last year, and that is a result of a changing pathway, a changed decision, and different events and circumstances that lead to different paths.

Mal Corvus Witchcraft & Folklore artefact private collection owned by Malcolm Lidbury (aka Pink Pasty) Witchcraft Tools

Wikimedia Commons image

Tasseography is quite fun, and as an avid tea-drinker, something I enjoy doing often. I always set up a ritual environment for tea leaf reading, more so than with the other forms of divination, probably because of the drama of it all. Lovely-smelling incense wafts throughout the room as the tea brews in the pot. As I pour out the tea into the teacup, only thoughts of my question move through my mind, or my mind is cleared completely. Swirling the sediment my mind remains clear. and As I read the symbols, I look at different ways of seeing them, can a mouth be a butterfly so that open communication channels are brought forth freely? Can a candle, be a ritual to Hekate I’m going to conduct, or a lost spirit, or some kind of enlightenment? Can that mountain, also be a pyramid where the mysteries lie? etc.

Tarot reading is often not accompanied by so much ritual, except perhaps when I’m actually doing a ritual and a tarot reading is part of it. I usually only clear my mind and think on a question, sometimes I just let the cards do the questioning. And I again read the symbolism in as many ways as I can, to get the most accurate reading possible.

Charles VI (or Gringonneur) Deck; Le tarot dit de Charles VI
Is it just me, or is that horse looking particularly gleeful at cavorting over those people? 

Wikimedia commons image

Divination works, whether it is because the answers are already with us, or the spirits, gods, guides, are helping to guide them. Divination can help clarify a situation, and can help you decide which course of action may be the best, they can also just help us clarify how we are feeling in the moment.

There is also astrology, and numerology which can help us gain clarity on our personalities, and what we may possibly be interested in for instance many of my numbers and astrological positions tell of how much I love nature, and how artistic and earthy I am.

Necromancy or divining through contact with spirits, is not something I’ve personally done as of yet. Earthdragon’s husband has practiced this since his early childhood. Although, I have a Ouija Board and use it, I do not use it for the purpose of divination, but rather as a way in which to gain easier contact with the other side. If the dead want to tell me something they don’t need to do it through a Ouija board. A Ouija board is merely a tool, and frankly does not “open a doorway, that cannot be closed”. The dead are around us all the time, the thin veil that exists is very thin, and frankly the spirits of the dead can visit us whenever they want to, they don’t need to use a Ouija board to come through, it is just easier to use that method. It’s more like a telephone than a “portal”.

Wikimedia Commons image 

The point is to never take the cards, palm lines, tea leaves, astrological positions, numerology and other forms of divination so literally that you cannot live your life with freedom and to the fullest. Of course worry may ensue when The Tower pops up, or lightning strikes, but we should then fix, or change what we can to make the transition easier, rather than just sit back and do nothing. Unless of course the cards are telling you to sit back and do nothing for a while to reap the benefits of all your hard work and effort  already put in;)

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