Qing Ming Festival- A visit to the local cemetery

Here are some links on the QingMing festival otherwise known as Tomb- sweeping day.

Ching Ming Festival

Tomb Sweeping Day

QingMing Festival

Tomb Sweeping Festival

Traditional Chinese Festivals

We decided to visit the local cemetery. I would have taken pictures but unfortunately I forgot my memory card in the computer.

Days of the dead and Ancestral days of Commemoration are incredibly important to my practice, so it is no surprise that this is a festival on my calendar! I’m not sure how the date of QingMing is effected in the Southern Hemisphere, as it is also a spring festival, but from what I gather it remains the same date, here then it is obviously more autumnal.

Ching Ming

It’s raining hard at the time of the Ching Ming Festival,
The mourner’s heart is overwhelmed on the road upland.
May I ask where there’s a tavern to drown my sorrows?
The shepherd boy points to Xinghua Village in the distance.

-One of the many translations of the poem by Du Mu(803 – 852)


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