The Snake, The Tree and The Drums- Links, Damballah, Hoodoo & Vodou

An interesting article on Haitian Vodou : The Snake, The Tree and The Drums

Here is some more information on Damballah, the cosmic serpent spoken of in the article, that I found for a lady on Facebook:



Extract from Vodou Visions-Sallie Ann Glassman p98

“Offerings: All white foods, sweetened condensed milk, sweet coffee, snakeskins, Gummi snakes, egg on a mound of flour, basin of water, Danbala Wedo’s image.

Litany translated:
“For Danbala wedo, wise, just, eternal serpent. Ancient, venerable father.Protective creator. Source of life wisdom.Patron of the waters of heaven, and of rivers.Accept our offering. Enter into our hearts, our arms, our legs. Enter and dance with us!”

Danbala Wedo is the ancient sky father. He arches across the sky as a snake beside his rainbow wife, Ayida Wedo. He is the origin of life, and the ancient source of wisdom. Danbala is absolutely beneficent, if somewhat aloof and abstract. His possessions begin with a dip into his sacred basin of water, and continue with the inarticulate undulations of a snake. He is covered with a white, undulating sheet during his possessions, and especially while he eats. Danbala’s colour is pure white. He prefers white foods, milk, pudding, rice, and an egg perched on a mound of flour. He is syncretised with Saint Patrick or with Moses, holding the Ten Commandments.

Call on Danbala Wedo when you wish to receive blessings of serenity and peace. Call on him when wisdom is needed.”

Extraxt from Va Va Voodoo by Kathleen Charlotte p178

“Damballah is the male cosmic serpent, often depicted in vevers with his spirit wife, Ayida Wedo, the rainbow serpent. Together, these two great snakes gave birth to the world of forms and have the qualities of fecundity, growth, and positive change (all snakes shed their skins and take on new identities every so often).When these two snakes are depicted in Voodoo temples, they are usually shown intertwined, much like the caduceus symbol of healing, and this is another of their gifts: to bring love and freedom from emotional pain, so we can renew and begin again. You might choose to use this vever, therefore, if you are going through-or wish to go through-change of any kind, so you can shed your skin to re-emerge healed, healthy, and whole. Damballah enjoys white foods and is especially fond of egg whites and milk, so these, along with a white candle, are the offerings to make as you say your prayers for personal growth and healing change before the vever you have drawn.”

Ayida Wedo, and Danbala La Flambo are mentioned as well within Glassman’s book.

I think the Vodou visions book is quite interesting (the parts I’ve read), and I will be reading it for the challenge soon. There is also a companion Tarot Deck, which we almost bought second-hand but a crucial card was missing.

The Va Va voodoo book is more like Hoodoo love magic mixed with some psychology.

Good information on Vodou is hard to come by, one has to talk to an actual Houngan or Mambo, which is not always easy.As Vodou is derived from African Traditional Religions, brought over from the Slaves and syncretized with Catholicism, it has many elements of African Traditional Religions, specifically Ancestor Veneration, and ecstatic ritual.

Whereas Vodou is a religion, Hoodoo is a magical system, which combines along with European and African Traditional practices, Native American practices. Hoodoo needs no initiation by Houngan or Mambo and is largely practiced by African American’s who are Christian. Although Hoodoo is largely practiced by Christians, Wiccans and other pagans have been adopting it alongside traditional European practices.  The very nature of combining various systems within Hoodoo shows that innovation within magical systems can indeed create a rich and vibrant system of its own.The best Website on Hoodoo is Cat Yrnwode’s Lucky Mojo   .

A Witchvox article on Haitian Vodou

Louisiana Voodoo 

New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads


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