Nightshade’s Samhain Pumpkin decorations- Craft

As Samhain is around the corner I decided to make more decorations, as of course everyone should know Samhain is my favourite Sabbat!

They can be hung on doors and walls in kitchen, or given as gifts. You can stuff them with herbs (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or pumpkin seeds) or cotton stuffing. They can be made any size. I stuck to two sizes, both of them small. I made 5 in total.

  • Orange Felt
  • Buttons
  • Other coloured felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread in contrasting colours
  • Stuffing of some kind
  • Pumpkin seed (optional)

Cut out a template of a pumpkin.


Place template on the felt which is folded double.

Cut out the felt and sew on the buttons for eyes, or use felt to make traditional Jack o Lantern faces.

Sewn on face

Sew the pumpkins up, Blanket stitch would look the best, but when I made them last month I didn’t really know how to blanket stitch yet so I did what I’d call the lazy blanket stitch :).

Before it is sewn up completely put in the stuffing/pumpkin seeds. Sew it up.

One finished pumpkin head decoration

My other four finished pumpkin heads!


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