Autumn Flower- Cosmos

I love cosmos! It sways in the wind on the side of the road, making a rather plain road much more beautiful with this elegant, colourful backdrop. Cosmos is classified as a weed, but like most weeds or “bossies” as we call them, they are incredibly beautiful. While most of the landscape is turning gold and brown, Cosmos lends purple, pink, and white to the autumn palette.

Some Cosmos, about a kilometer from our place, on the side of a tar road

I use Cosmos as an offering to the Butterfly spirit, as it attracts butterflies. They also attract fairies, which is not hard to believe as they grow wild, and fairies do enjoy the wild, natural garden.

This plant is native to South America, but grows readily around here in South Africa, it is thought that it was brought over with horsefeed.

The name of Cosmos is derived from the Greek Kosmos meaning order and harmony. The flower therefore can be brought in the home to create balance and harmony and would make an excellent offering for Ma’at. Use it in herbal blends for harmony, order and balance. Its name was given by Spanish mission priests due to the evenly placed petals.

Look at that stunning flower!

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