Friday the 13th- O That Oogie Boogie Man!

O That Oogie Boogie Man!

Oogie was a boogie man under my bed.

His eyes were jet black but at night they glowed red.


He made growling noises and screeched aloud at night,

Sending me in a flurry of tears at the awful fright.


One day he tried to frighten me, but I refused to play along.

So now he keeps me up at night singing his Boogie song!


– Poem written by Nightshade Author of The Purple Broom

Inspired by the wonderful Nightmare before Christmas‘ “Oogie Boogie Man”

Aaah Friday the 13th… A time of so-called bad luck and boogie men jumping out of the closet:

Oogie Boogie is watching you!

Really the superstitious are asking for trouble when they put so much power into it. I love Friday the 13th and reserve it for any fun spells on my mind, like decorating and blessing a broom for cheer and blessings and making delightful witch’s brews!

I decided I really wanted to make  Oogie Boogie from Nightmare, and My mother wanted one too, so I made her one using this tutorial. I used Hessian fabric instead of an old t-shirt and I stuffed him with beans to give the feel of the insects that Oogie was made up of in the film.

I first watched the film as a child and always remembered loving Oogie and his song… Yep I was always a weird one. I finally found the film again on DVD a few years ago, and I now watch it frequently! It has the special feature disc with Burton’s Vincent and his first Frankenweenie, which I enjoyed as well!

Here is my mom’s Oogie Boogie:

Click Image for a larger view:)

Enjoy your Friday the 13th!


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