Goth Challenge Day 18-21 Beauty

Day 18: Worst Hair Experience

Don’t really have one. My hair drove me insane in high school with these curly flap things by my ears, and was quite frizzy and dry when I was younger, but I don’t tend to have bad hair days any more save for the fact that my hair refuses to curl when I try to curl it at home.

Day 19: Beauty advice and Makeup

I will direct you to Lady Bethezda who does !awesome! makeup, and many product reviews. My beauty routine is the same as the average Jo, wash face morning and night, use rose water, exfoliate, wear cream, don’t bake in the sun. My makeup on the average day is smokey eyes, with a cat eye eyeliner detail, on  occasion I go more flamboyant with spider web details, I like colour so gold, blue, purple and green are often accompanied by black!

Day 20: If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

I’m not likely to dye my hair because I love the colour but if I ever do one day, it would be flame red, or if I had the chance something more out of my colour spectrum, like green or blue.

Day 21: What body mod do you have or have you considered?

I only have the ordinary ear piercings in my lower lobes. I would like to get a second pair in my lobes too. I have also considered Tattoos. Horn implants and stuff, although they look cool, are not something I’m into personally. Funnily enough, on writing this post I remember dreaming of having a huge full back tattoo which was kind of cybergoth looking LOL!

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