7 Days of Samhain: 25 April-1 May

I’ll be doing a special Samhain treat on the blog for 7 days, each day sharing something about the Samhain:


April 25-  Incense

April 26- Links on Samhain,

April 27- Silver Ravenwolf Halloween book Review

April 28- Setting the Altar

April 29-Ghosts ghouls and Demons

April 30-Carving the Jack O lantern

May 1- All Souls Day Cupcakes




5 thoughts on “7 Days of Samhain: 25 April-1 May

    • LOL I’m in the Southern Hemisphere. Samhain Eve is April 30th and Samhain is May 1.

      Although my South African following is small, there are plenty witches in the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia and New Zealand. Although my blog is “suitable” for pagans all around the world, it is meant to act as a resource for those in the southern Hemisphere as we are often neglected 🙂

      You will see my posts reflect the seasons as we go through them here.


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