The Carrion Flower- Stapelia and Heurnia



Stapelia’s and Huernia’s are plants indigenous to South Africa, and are also known as Starfish flowers, Giant toad flowers or Carrion Flowers.

The odour which emanates from the flower is reminiscent of rotting meat, which is incredibly faint on my plant. This rotting smell helps to attract pollinators such as fly’s to the plant. They tend to grow in hot, arid area’s where the rotting scent can be smelt from long distances on hot afternoons.



The scent of decay and rotting matter links this plant to the underworld and the processes of destruction and decay. It could be considered a Saturnine plant, but I feel it aligns more closely with Pluto. Magically the plant can be used for cursing and hexing, and to sully someones name. The Stapelia is a powerful ally, whenever the processes of decay are needed.

The flowers are excellent offerings for Gods like Hades, Anubis and Hekate, as well as for spirits who are known for their love of Carrion, like the Crow, Dog, and Vulture.

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