7 Days of Samhain Day 1-Nightshade’s Samhain Incense

If there was any doubt that Winter has come, the weather has completely banished it from my mind and the minds of those friends on Facebook who have been debating this…

I go to sleep with a duvet, a comforter and a blanket, and only then am I warm. The milk I put in my cereal makes me cringe as it too cold, and I dread leaving the warmth of my bed. The leaves on all the peach trees have fallen, and the apple tree is no longer producing apples. My Azalea is in full bloom and the heat lamp in my lizards tank, stays on the whole day.

The smell of cinnamon, coffee and pancakes fills the air, while I long for hot chocolate and rusks to take with me while I read in bed. Legwarmers and jerseys are now necessary for me to just walk outside in the mornings and at night. The afternoon still gets warm, even hot, if the sun decides to peek out of the clouds but otherwise it really is a day for jersey’s and lots of tea.

As a witch, I’ve been noticing these changes since the equinox, where leaves were already falling off of trees and the grapes had already been ripened and had then started dying on the vines. But now it is “Summer’s End” The Witches New Year approaches, and as Samhain eve with all of its festivity draws near, I must get ready with the physical tasks of incense, decorations, altars, recipes and rituals to honour the turning of the wheel and the dead that “arise”.

Tonight I will be “asking” Anubis and Hekate to “Open the Way/Veil” as a symbolic gesture of welcoming in the spirits that are already around us all the time.

Here is my Samhain Incense for Samhain Eve…

1 part Pumpkin seeds

3 parts Cinnamon

1  part Nutmeg

1 part Coriander

1 part Ginger

Gathering the tools: Mortar and Pestle (I found mine at a flea market), the spices to be mixed and pumpkin seeds.

Crush in a mortar and pestle while chanting

“I crush these herbs,

For Samhain eve

Where witches dance

among the trees

bare as death,

and bones which prance

I crush these herbs

For the Skeleton dance”

Finished product!

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