7 Days of Samhain Day 2: Linksplosion!

Here are a bunch of links that will take you to how we in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Samhain. There are Samhain Crafts, Samhain Recipes (But don’t miss All Souls Day Bread on Day 7!). Some links are to Northern Hemispherean sites, but they have crafts, ritual themes and other interesting information!

Oh and to keep you updated on my 7 days of Samhain outside the blogosphere, tonight I’m working with the Crone Baba Yaga, who I’ve worked with on previous occasions. She is a the great initiatrix who crushes us in her mortar and pestle in order for us to be reborn, renewed and healed. Her mythology also acts as a symbolic construction of Fear, and confronting it within her hut in order to learn

From ThePurpleBroom:


Oogie Boogie man– no Halloween or Samhain could be complete without a some spooky boogie man, so Oogie is here to brighten up your nights

Samhain Pumpkin decorations – Eh for us goths these will make cute kitchen decorations all year round 😉

Monster Face Cup cozies– because who can go through the dark half of the year without out some spooky faces peeking at us while we drink Hot chocolate and coffee!

Pumpkin Scarecrow protection craft– A wonderful Autumn Craft!

Spider web coasters– Add some spook to your home, during the darker months with these coasters

Voodoo dolls– These make excellent gifts, so start making them before Yule, You could even make more Halloweeny type ones out of orange and black felt! Voodoo dolls are quite potent symbols for our psyches during this time of year, so embrace them!

Dangly Bats DIY– Add some bats to your wall to honour the sacred symbol of initiation, transition and facing fears

Rites, prayers

A rite for a dead bird- For many Samhain is a time to honour loved ones who have passed on, here is a simple rite for small pets

Prayer for Marmalade– This time of year is a time of remembrance, here is a prayer I wrote for my cat while her condition was getting worse.


Pumpkin Soup for the Soul– A quick easy Autumn dish

Prosperity Pumpkin Raisin Muffin Loaf- A delightful treat from Silver Ravenwolf

Early Autumn Cheer – Well although Winter is here who says we cannot add cheer to our lives? This is coffee.

Samhain Pumpkin bread


Three types of Terror- A quote from Stephen King, Horror writer extraordinaire!

My father– More about remembrance through Ancestor Veneration

The Cauldron– A tiny bit on the cauldron and its symbolism which is often used at Samhain

Some Paranormal Experiences

My thoughts on the afterlife

A favourite Pagan Holiday-A short post on Samhain

Hell hounds and black dogs

Spirits of the Dead incense– made for Samhain 2010

From around the Web:


Wooden Pumpkin Craft

Halloween sock Buddies

Handmade Heating Pad With the days getting colder, here is a lovely craft from Amy Brinager to keep you warm

Sleep and protection Bags Confessions of a Pagan soccer mom

Some Halloween Decoration from Confessions of a pagan Soccer mom

Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere

Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere

Halloween South Africa some of what is said in here is laughable but it shows that religious prejudice is well and alive, the now famous hot cross bun being labelled Halaal is a more recent example.

Halloween, Samhain and Beltane in Australia

Samhain Down under

Samhain Correspondences Southern Hemisphere

Samhain in NZ and Southern Hemisphere

Halloween Blogs

A nostalgic Halloween– a blog all about Halloween

Frog on the pumpkin– Someone else with a Halloween obsession

365 Days of Halloween– The famous Tumblr blog

General Samhain

Samhain over at the wild hunt

Samhain Ritual Themes

Honoring our beloved Dead

Goddesses for Samhain more from Confessions

Correspondences for Halloween– Geared toward the Northern Hemisphere but many of the things are still relevant.


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