7 Days of Samhain Day 4- Setting up the altars

This one is a bit late, as I was at Pagan Freedom Day in the park at Kensington yesterday and spent the day out today. My apologies for that.

Here are my Altars. My Ouija board will come out tomorrow evening, along with my scrying mirror, I just want a bit of a break from any psychic activity at the moment, as I’m feeling a wee bit drained and exhausted from all the activity in the last few days as well as hearing news that while spending a night away from my Toy pom ,Pixie , she was ill and refused to go out.  She seems alright now though!


Ancestral Altar

I spent some time on Wednesday, rummaging through Photo albums for photo’s to include on the altar. Here are images of my Ouma, Granddad, Dad, and most of my pets that have crossed the veil.

Ancestral Altar Detail

This side is kinda sorta dedicated to my Maternal ancestors, My Ouma loved to Garden, and the sunflower baby was a gift my mother gave to her. The Blue teddy bear was made for me by my Great grandma (My Ouma’s mother), Also on this side is a beaded necklace that belonged to my Ouma, and Graveyard dirt belonging to a young girl. Closer to the day I will be adding dried out flowers to this side as well.

Ancestral altar Detail

This side is my Paternal side of the altar. My father was a biker. The biker dragon was the last birthday gift I gave him before he died. I think it was his favourite gift. Also on this side is a badge from my father’s bike runs, an American Eagle bracelet of his and a chain my granddad (my fathers dad) gave me.


Main Altar

Aaah tricks and treats, here is my main working altar. It is pretty much the same as always with the addition of my ceramic Jack-O Lantern, (my actual one to be carved late tomorrow or early Monday for day 6. The orange spider ribbon trim I picked up a few Halloween’s ago, for use on my altar but since I only started using an altar cloth again recently this is the first time it is getting used. My skull dedicated to Hekate and Cauldron are also featured. I will be adding my Ouija board to the back tomorrow after I get some rest.


Main Altar, Top

Top view of the altar. Definitely needs some more Witchy Blam! I’ll be adding some Autumn leaves from outside tomorrow!


As you can gather I’ve been a bit busy and tired, so I’ll add more pictures as I go along!

Of course as a goth gal, many of my everyday decorations do give an “Everyday is Halloween” feel with my Halloween Kitty, Jack o lantern lamp, bats and spiders on the walls, skeletons and witches out.

Other altar decorations and symbols include, apples, marigolds, Chrysanthemums, lilies, gourds, Crystal balls, Willow branches, Black cats, Witches on brooms, “Ghosts”,snakes, ravens, crows, pomegranates, squashes, turnips, The Crone, black veils, black mirrors, masks, the conical hat, black candles, owls, antlers, gravestone markers, mourning angels, coffins and urns.


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