Carving the Jack-O Lantern

Aaah, it is Samhain Eve. The Veil is thin, the ghosts and ancestral spirits warm themselves by our fires, and gain nourishment from our offerings.

It is the Witch’s New Years Eve, and a time for dance, and communication with those who have passed on.

It is also a time to recognize the Descent of The Goddess, Inanna, as we descend into Winter and the darkest corners of our souls. It is time to work with the Shadow, to heal it, to nourish it and allow it to be a healthy part of our selves. It is time to look at our fears face-to-face and walk through them. It is a time to honour change, transition and initiation via the “Dark Goddess”. It is time to honour the slain Osiris, in his aspect as Lord of the Dead and King, it is also time to honour Set, who slays Osiris. It is time to honour the Archetype of the Crone, and the decay of time passing.

To add to my Samhain decorations and bring some witchy craftiness into the Season, I decided to Carve a pumpkin. I have never before carved a Jack- O Lantern, so it was quite nerve-wracking! Eeeek!

Click images for a larger view

Pumpkin! That white stuff on the top is just some flour that fell on it in the fridge.

The large orange pumpkins cost a fortune  so I just stuck with the white/green one!

Slowly carving the eyes out

I was so scared I would cut myself as I’m clumsy as all hell, but this went quite well. I didn’t keep the cap as it was difficult to cut it properly.

Carving out the teeth…. Eeep.

Pumpkin gets very messy, and I was so nervous that the nose would cave in, but it went well.

My coffee table set up for tonight’s Dumb Supper

That candle in the glass jar is going into the pumpkin. The glass jar was a candle jar for my devotional candles, I just washed it out. To ensure that the wax does not stick to the glass and comes out easily as well as to prevent too much of a fire hazard I put water in the jar.  This is going to look so awesome tonight. I’m really happy with my first try 🙂


Here are some links I looked at in order to Carve Mr Pumpkin ‘Ed-


How stuff works

E how

Martha Stewart


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