12 month challenge: War of the Sexes

It is not uncommon to find gender exclusive groups within the pagan community. Do you think this practice  is healthy or harmful to the pagan community?

Here is a link to a post I did on Dianic Wicca, and the whole Budapest debacle.

I don’t know what else can be said.I think we should be allowed to choose our own spiritual path, and if that means we only worship with other women that should be our prerogative. But then I find “Woman”  to be highly constructed and none of us are born “women” or “men”. I think if Dianic Wicca calls to you and you’re a transwoman you have every right to practice it and not be discriminated against, but of course I’m not Dianic so I really do not have much of a say. I think the Budapest thing shows that it is more harmful to the community than healthy with her attitude toward transfolk.

I think at public festivals, rather than being exclusive and possibly discriminating against and hurting other people, we should be transparent and open. Otherwise don’t go to a pagan festival that is public to Everyone. Like I said in my Dianic post, it would be akin to being turned away from Gay Pride simply because one is not LGBT, even though they support LGBT.

I’m a solitary practitioner, so it’s a moot point for me. I don’t work with others currently. The one coven I’d like to work with is a bit far from me, but even then I don’t know how I’d feel about being an “inner court” practitioner of that coven, as I have my own system to forge, and they are a Neo-Wiccan Eclectic coven with a specific degree system. One day my system may be passed on to my children, and regardless of whether my child is male or female, gay or straight, trans or not, or anything in between will not matter to the system I’m crafting. If they are ready and they want to learn the system, they will be taught. I personally couldn’t give a zombies rotting eye what gender you identify as, my gods would welcome you, and my system is congruent with that.

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