Pagan Insights Project- Post a pic – My twisted heart

I must apologise for being a tad quieter than usual this week (not making a post everyday). I’m a bit burnt out, and have so much on my mind including trying to find the perfect place to move, re-booking my drivers, forking out the cash for it, trying to buy supplies for when I’m living on my own at the end of the month like mops, and other plastic doodads. I’ve also been a bit blegh with everything and just sitting around watching Scrubs and The Secret Life of an American Teenager (yes, I’ve stooped to such low levels of entertainment with this latter one) while going through bouts of self-pity and sometimes hints of a more positive outlook.

I, as noted before, suffer from depression, also as noted during the Samhain special I tend to get a bit Blue or SAD during Winter, and I can feel it coming like a storm on the horizon. It’s hanging there, but instead of the wondrous lightning it will be more like a cold dripping wet, torrent of inexplicable grey days where I’ll probably write poetry akin to some of the slosh I wrote as a teen. My boyfriend thinks my poetry from my teenagedom is good, but some of it makes me die a little inside, while other poems are still quite poignant to my life. Anyway I digress…

Post A Pic – post an image related to your path, or one that invokes a feeling/emotion related to your spirituality (or craft… if one is a non-religious Witch), along with a sentence or two describing the image.

The other night I had a dream and for some reason this line kept popping in my head “We are in the constant process of becoming and unbecoming” I had drifted into a rift in the earth and in that place I could feel totally and completely like I was the earth. “I am the tree’s, stars, specks of dust.” It was really an amazing experience, how often do we feel that we are that interconnected web?  We know that we are all connected, but the daily hubbub often makes us “forget” that, we don’t notice it, and then we feel disconnected from everything, from others, from ourselves. We know that if one part of the web is affected the rest of the web will be affected too, like a fly caught in a spider’s web causing vibrations. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this, because it is so easy to see things through the dichotomous binaries of us and them, you, her, him, me. Of course the surface may seem divided like that, but in reality in the depths, beneath the surface, inside the heart of it all, like the rift that I fell into in my dream “This is how things really are”  we aren’t.


This is a lovely wooden craft that we saw in a hardware store. I desperately wanted it and my boyfriend bought it for me. This is pretty reminder of the interconnectedness of everything, and it is one of my favourite shapes, the heart, a symbol of love. Through the seeming chaos of tangles, form is created.


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3 thoughts on “Pagan Insights Project- Post a pic – My twisted heart

  1. sorry about you suffering from depressions, hopefully one day you can kick the depression (was hard but i was able to, so everyone at some point has a chance)

    and thats a cute heart ornament ❤

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