Batty Hot Water Bottle

Winter is coming along, and it is getting quite icy at night, so I bought myself a hot water bottle, as my last one broke.

I decided to make a cover for my new one, and decided that since I love bats, that my hot water bottle would be in the form of a bat:) .


Embroidery thread



  • Use the hot water bottle to make the pattern, my cover is designed to button at the top of the back. So the back has a fold-over flap. for the fold I made one side longer than the other to make a flap.
  • I used buttons for the eyes and I used felt to make the teeth.
  • I cut out the pattern for the wings, and sewed them onto the main body. I then sewed them up with blanket stitch, stuffing them with cotton wool.
  • I then sewed the edges of the cover with blanket stitch with the embroidery thread.
  • I sewed the button onto the back of the cover and cut a button-hole into the flap.

Here is the end result!





Caution! Buttons get hot! If you are making this for a child rather use, more felt for they eyes!


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