Winter flowering Azalea

Two winters ago, I was at a loss for white flowers that I needed for a series of spells and rituals that I had planned. I went to the nursery and amazingly I found this beautiful white winter flowering Azalea. It did start struggling during the late winter period, as we had black frost quite often, but I managed to get it through the remainder of the winter.


I’m not sure what type of Azalea this is exactly but I think it makes a wonderful potted plant for Autumn and Early winter.

Their beautiful white blooms would make lovely offerings to moon goddesses, and would make a lovely centrepiece for both Winter, and Esbat celebrations!

In the language of flowers Azalea says “Take care of yourself for me, temperance, fragile passion, Chinese symbols of womanhood”

These can be used in love spells and rituals, letters to loved ones, coming of age rites for women, and for use when moderation  is needed(similar to Amethyst gemstone) , or when a balance needs to be brought into ones life.

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