Licked by fire

We have had quite a tough time at home in the last few months, there have been dog fights, deaths and fights in the family, coupled with what I was speaking about in my Mabon post, about Demeter and Persephone.

I did many Readings during that time and the Three of swords and the Tower kept coming up. The three of swords traditionally is a card I hate getting, and that time it was no different. The Tower signifies the breaking down of old structures, and it is often a painful process, I’m reminded of both of my Patron deities and how they devour, cut, and break me down. I’m reminded of Kali and Sekhmet, and the personal experiences I’ve had with both, and I’m reminded of my post a few days ago on how the gods are not always sweet and kind, but can also indeed be destructive.

The Destructive forces in my life become part of a purging process, and I’m reminded of a Ritual to Anubis I did a while back, before the shitstorm hit, when I did an Oracle reading, and both Sekhmet and the Desert fire element card came up.

In the Sekhmet card, Sekhmet rides a chariot of snakes, the sun disk on her head and with a flowing red cape. The main keyword of this card is Transformation.  Last year during the 44 Days of Witchery I spoke about how fire is a transformational element, and how the Death card (number 13 in the Tarot) is in essence “Transformation”. Sekhmet is a powerful destructive force, she is Power; She is The Mighty One. It is through destruction that creative forces can be harnessed, and just as she purged the world with her destructive rage, a purging would be necessary in my own life.

The Desert card shows a hot sun with flowing rays. There are dunes in the distance and the flames in the foreground lick the air, creating swirls of smoke. Again a card of fire represents transformation.

“The energies of fire push us toward the death of the old and the struggle for new birth, for when we go out into the desert we realize how tenuous our hold is on life, and how easily we might perish”  p79 Anubis Oracle

Fire purges, in my own personal practice, derived from the Witches of the Blackberry field oracle, the dark moon represents destruction, A Dark Goddess is worked with during that time, and a part of ourselves is sacrificed to the flame. This is the cauldron of transformation. I will be talking more about this during the “Winter Dark Moon” in my upcoming Yule series (which I’ll post about tomorrow).

In essence we have to let go, otherwise we stagnate and become like the 8 of swords, bound, blindfolded and unable to escape from the mess we put ourselves in.

It is very synchronous that for the first Tarot Tuesday I’m discussing fire and Sekhmet, as Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and the element of fire. It is also the 29th, a day I hold in honour of Hekate.

Here I honour Hekate of the flames which lick, burn and transform.

“I adore you torch bearer*

I adore you bringer of light and warmth

I adore you with eyes of fire*

I adore you who purges with flame

I adore you of the sacred fires*

I adore you who transforms through pain”

This morning’s tarot spread looks like a new path is indeed being forged by the fire:

Robin Wood Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

I used the Robin Wood Tarot Deck and the “Tarot Plain and simple” book by Anthony Louis.

This spread accurately reflects what has happened and what is happening currently in my life right now, and what will hopefully come.

Seeking spiritual council from others who are wiser and more experienced, moving out of a tense and negative situation, a time of solitude and hard work are all things that have happened and are happening right now. The last two cards indicate that prosperous and joyous times are ahead with a new home and security, reaping the rewards of hard work, as of course my graduation ceremony is coming up, and moving on to the next phase of my life.

*From The Flaming Thyrsos’: 66 adorations of Hekate

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