13 Days of Yule- A Spooky Winter

Oh yes! My 7 Days of Samhain was so successful I decided that I would make a 13 Days of Yule.



9-21 June (the day after solstice)

Why 13? Well there are the traditional 12 days of Christmas, and I don’t celebrate Christmas, except in the purely gift-giving sense. Although there are 12 solar months in a year there are 13 lunar months, 13 also happens to be my favourite number and the number associated with spooky things. I’m also of course creating my own Yule “Traditions” for myself and my family, so why not start with 13 days of awesomeness! Another reason is that for the Samhain special I expressed my need to embrace Yule fully due to the winter blues that sneaks in, so 13 Days of cheer and spookiness is a fantastic way to keep the blues at bay.

As I’m a goth, and fully embrace the ooky spooky-ness of life, I tend to cringe at the traditional “Christmassy” decor like Santa Claus/Father Christmas, and too much red and green. I’m much more interested in making my home a spooky winter wonderland than one which looks like an American Christmas, being that I’m not American, and I’m not Christian.

There will be a number of crafts, recipes, a book review of Yule by Dorothy Morrison, reflections and more! If you are a reader from the Northern Hemisphere, I’ll try not to leave you out and will possibly make a post or two unrelated to these Wintery things since you’ll all be in the swing of a sweet Summer Solstice!

The 13 Days of Yule will commence on 9 June, so do not miss out the fun crafts and recipes!

I will be doing this in a more spontaneous fashion than the 7 days of Samhain, so I do not have all 13 posts planned out into themes, so each one I add will be linked to over here!

1. A Spooky Yule Tree- Gothing up the winter Solstice!

2. Some Links to share for Yule, after all it is the season for sharing and caring 🙂 

3. Holly Bats- A delightful craft for protection and luck!

4.Doggy Biscuits- A nice way to treat your dogs at Yule!

5.Yule spiders- a nice craft that would make a lovely gift!

6.Spooky Yule Stockings- add some spookiness to a traditional idea!

7. Gingerbread Cookies- what better way to keep warm than some cookies and tea

8. Yule- Dorothy Morrison- Book review

9. Winter Harmony Besom- A Witchy way to keep the Winter blues at bay

10. Yule altar and blessing the Winter altar

11.Winter Dark Moon- Feeding the fire, and letting go of the old

12.The Solstice!

13.Reflections and Pagan Insights Project

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