A Winter Afternoon on the First of June- A (seemingly) endless wave of things…

Firstly I’d like to tell you all that I am now a legal driver as of 11 am yesterday morning, after passing my second driving test, with bucket loads of money spent on training, and Anubis at my side. I’m now awaiting my car’s return from the mechanic, and I’ll be so glad to just get by from A to B on my own! Wooohoo!

Now that Yule approaches us in the Southern Hemisphere, I will be getting ready for posts for the 13 days of Yule, I have already completed my Spooky Yule tree, a link sharing post, and I’ve done three of four Monster/Gothy Yule stockings, I also of course finished reading Yule by Dorothy Morrison last month, so I’ll start preparing the review soon. Of course I’ll begin baking soon as well!

Coming up is Sophistique Noir’s Annual Red and Black Week (3-8 June) which I’ll post the next two parts of The Witch’s Cottage: Goth Home Decoration, and I might have an outfit post and a possible craft, and if I can think of something else, I’ll post that too :). I really love that Victorian Kitty keeps hosting these goth blog themes, they are really awesome, and come with an endless fountain of goth inspiration from all those who participate!

I’m absolutely exhausted, which may be the result of watching Manson’s “Guns, God and Government Tour” again on DVD, and headbanging the heck out of my neck the whole night, or simply from all this worrying I’m so good at.

When I came back from my Driver’s test yesterday there was a lovely little lady bug on one of the kitchen utensils. I love lady bugs, when I was a little kid, and could barely swim, I once jumped into the pool without arm bands and in my doc’s to save a drowning lady bug.  I used to save many flies and other insects that got stuck in the water too.

At my dad’s house, years later, I saved a poor little shrew, the poor thing looked like it was dead, but I kept it in a box filled with sand and covered it up with a aerated lid so that it could adjust. It survived and I let it go at the bottom of the garden by the willow trees.

I haven’t been reading for the challenge over the last few days but I’ll start with Scott Cunningham’s The Magical Household soon. My concentration has been a bit on the down-low for the moment, but hopefully I’ll get it back, it’s incredibly agitating that all I can do lately is sit around and watch movies and series over and over again, because that is all the space my brain has to spare at the moment.

June is a hard month for me, both Father’s day and my Dad’s birthday fall in this month, and of course there is the Winter blues that he also had. I often go from being nostalgic to being a zombie during this time, and the brandy gets poured all too easily in my coffee in commemoration of my dad’s coffee habits. I play our music non-stop during this time, The Doors, AC/DC, Bowie, Hendrix, Metallica, Audience, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana; in an endless wave. I start dancing around like he did, air-guitaring, goose-walking, and I start doing the things he did; sitting by the window reading with coffee. And it is a good time, it is a bad time, it is a sad time, it is a happy time. It is an endless wave, until I start bawling my eyes out before bed, waking up, and then repeating it, until June is gone.

I’ll be looking forward to reading some of my favourite classics during this Winter, as a long winter is nothing without some Frankenstein, Dracula, Anne Rice and Poe! Winter is a great time for reading, I love just curling up in bed, coffee and rusk in hand with a good ol’ book.



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