13 Days of Yule-Day 1- Spooky Yule Tree

I found my mini tree, which is really just a small decoration or a centerpiece. It’s not even big enough to fit presents under, unless the presents come in tiny little jewellery boxes 🙂


I’ve had this tree since 2009, and I’ve used it a few times as the main piece on my Yule altar. I decided a while ago, that I didn’t really like the baubles on it and wanted to spruce it up a bit.






It was customary for us to put up the tree every year and decorate it. It was one of the family traditions, along with me going to bed early so that I’ll wake up earlier, to find presents under the tree. I was always excited to see presents “sent” from Father Christmas. Over the years I became Pagan, so I stopped celebrating the birth of the  Christchild and started celebrating Yule in June, and Summer solstice in December. It was hard, I’m not going to lie, it really was difficult giving up family traditions, and I couldn’t give them up completely as when my Dad had me for Christmas I had to have a family lunch with my gran and other people. Her Fruit cake was always delicious but even it could not distract me from the fact that I was celebrating something from a rather secular point of view to keep my family happy.

It has gotten easier over the years to explain to people that I’m not Christian, so I do not celebrate Christian holidays, but rather Pagan ones that were celebrated during the Winter Season. The more I add to my personal traditions, the easier it becomes to distance myself from the consumerism of December.



One thought on “13 Days of Yule-Day 1- Spooky Yule Tree

  1. I agree you must need to be especially committed to be a Southern Hemisphere Pagan! I had a mini-panic when I saw your tree pictures and nearly rushed out to gift shop! It does look like winter at the moment in the UK though!

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