13 Days of Yule- Day 2- Linksplosion

Found the link post! It really should have been scheduled to go out yesterday but I unfortunately left it as a draft! Please bear with me while I try and sort everything out, hopefully it will be sorted out soon, and not too much of a disruption will take place!

On The Purple Broom


Batty Hot Water bottle– to keep you warm during the winter months.

Spell boxes– a gift idea


Banana bread– to keep up your spirits, energy and brain power during the winter months!

Other stuff

A reflection on last yule

Around the web


365 Days of Christmas- The companion Tumblr Blog to 365 Days of Halloween

Yule ritual themes

Yule correspondences

More Yule Correpondences

Southern hemisphere

Winter solstice 

Winter Solstice traditions

Yule Ceremony


Some Yule crafts

Yule crafts from a Kitchen Witch

Yule crafts from about.com

Feeding the Birds for Yule– A nice gift for the birds during the winter months

Journal, bookmark and pen gift idea


Yule Recipes

More Yule Recipes

Yule Recipes from about.com

I will be posting on my own crafts, some recipes, and other Yule themes, so don’t miss out!


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