13 Days of Yule Day 3- Holly Bats- Craft

Holly is a traditional “Christmas” tree, and is of course associated with winter and is an evergreen. It’s lovely red berries offset by the dark green leaves make Holly indeed very festive!

Holly of course is it’s own magical whopper! Being both a herb of protection and luck! According to Scott Cunningham it is a protection herb par excellence, protecting against lightning, evil spirits and poison! He also says it is hung around the house for good luck at Yule. p139.

So combine that with my obsession with bats, and how bats are protective spirits to me, I decided that Holly Bats would be an excellent idea!

You might recall that on Day 1 I stated my  dislike of too much red and green, in this case I made an exception, and I will for one of the Yule Spiders as well, because I love bats and spiders so damn much, and Holly is so very pretty!


Small Red buttons

Red thread

Dark Green Felt


Template (Use a Holly leaf as your inspiration!)


  • Make a template
  • Pin template onto felt which should be a double layer
  • Cut out bat from felt
  • Sew red eyes onto one piece of felt
  • Sew up the bat, you can use blanket stitch if you fell like it or an ordinary stitch like I used if you like. Before closing it up, add some dried Holly leaves and berries and close it up! (Berries are slightly toxic!)
  • Bless it on your altar and hang them around the home for Protection and Luck!




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