13 Days of Yule Day 9- Winter Harmony Besom


There is something about light sky blue that makes me think of the crisp blue skies of Winter, so when I saw my ribbon, a flash of inspiration struck. After all the cleaning up and throwing out,  a little magical harmony charm is always a great way to remove misery and the Winter blues, and bring harmony and happiness to the home.

Here is my Winter Harmony Broom-




A piece of wood that can be used as the broom handle, it can be smooth or rough and could be made of any wood, mine is Bamboo.

Twigs from outside.


Small Bells

Light blue ribbon

Light blue charm bag

Heart Pendant

Butterfly wing made from feathers.

  • Charge all of the items.
  • Glue on the twigs and fasten with ribbon.
  • On the end, put shells and a small bell inside the blue charm bag.
  • On the end of the broom also attach a heart, bell and the feather-wing


Once everything is attached then you can bless the broom with this chant:

“Butterfly wings

and ringing bells

kissed by hearts

and ocean shells

Peace and love you will bring

to my home, while I sing

Witch’s broom

You will sweep

away the blues and misery

and in its place you will bring

peace, happiness and harmony”

It is best to charge this on a Full or New moon. When you sweep, you can repeat the chant, or hum a tune.



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