Winter, Deipnon and Letting Go


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Winter is a time of reflection, a time to sort through things that are holding us back so that when spring comes, the seeds we plant will have fertile soil in which to grow.

Many pagans do not work on the dark moon for various strange and silly reasons, but there is power in working magic amd ritual during the dark moon, often it is magic of a destructive nature, magic of blight and of letting go and getting rid of things.

Every month, at the dark moon, I hold a ritual to Hekate, Her Deipnon, where I take all my previous offerings and place them at the crossroads or the bottom of the garden for Her and Her phantom troupe to devour, it is also a time to clean up everything and throw  things away.

Since it is the day before the solstice, and also Winter, I have been doing this clean up for the last two weeks. I have thrown things away, gathered offerings and I’ve removed all the physical muck from my environment. Now I need to work on the spiritual muck.

The dark moon is a time to  sacrifice an outworn part of ourselves to the flame, this is a very cathartic experience. It is a ritual of sacrifice, it is a ritual of destruction.

This is a very simple ritual.

All one needs is a cauldron or burning dish of some kind, and a piece of paper, with what you wish to let go of written upon it. It can be sacrificed up to the gods, to the earth, or to the dark moon energies.

One cannot expect to just change overnight, it will take time, hard work, and reconditioning, which the power of the new moon, and the waxing moon helps to provide. One must also be careful in deciding what one wishes to sacrifice to the flame, sometimes you will not be ready, and what may come, may be a very hard whittling away of yourself.

The ritual is the catalyst, you have done a physical sweeping of the environment, and now a formal ritual needs to be held to mark the change, and then comes the even harder task of working on yourself.

Some people may wish to burn photographs, some may wish to write letters to people who have hurt them, and feed them to the flame once it is written. Some may wish to sacrifice a negative habit, a thought pattern that is outworn, some may wish to let go of an old relationship with a lover, a friend, a family member who has passed on, some may wish to let go of a job, a house, etc. Whatever it is that you are feeding to the flame, it is going to be hard. Sometimes, nothing will happen, because you refused to do the work, and sometimes, things will begin changing and happening to give you the opportunity to change.

Iron-toothed crone of the pestle

Dark Goddess of challenges and Rebirth

Wild-haired lady of the corn

Sweep away all the pain that dwells

Crush and transform my soul

I travel in your mortar to planes higher than before

Black herbs of the tripe crone, cloak me

As the poison banishes that which no longer serves




Baba Yaga Crushes me and burns me in her furnace

And transformed, I am stronger

as these herbs turn to ash and scent the air.

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3 thoughts on “Winter, Deipnon and Letting Go

  1. I had to google the word “deipnon” to find the meaning, and I really like the idea of a ritual dinner for Hecate. I love the way you worded that whole sentence. It painted a picture in my mind of exactly what you were saying.

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