Winter Solstice and Cupcake Flops

The sun is shining on the Winter Solstice today, breaking through the cold of the night. I awake and begin my morning prayer, wishing love and happiness on the world, and for my home, and I burn some unnamed incense and dress my candle in Eucalyptus oil, burning my wish upon the flame.

I have some coffee and marshmallows, and start working on my peppermint tea cupcakes…

I wanted to make half the batter, because with just me in the house, I cannot really expect to down 12 cupcakes, the most I can manage is 2 and half. Unfortunately I flopped my first batch, I wanted to cry, but really what was I expecting, a happy solstice with no repercussions from letting parts of myself go?

So I decided, that I had enough ingredients for a second batch, so I tried it again this time making my usual 12, heck I don’t know what to do with so many, but I’ll be darned if I flop again.

I’ve said this before, but June is a hard month, with father’s day just over and my fathers birthday approaching, and all the changes, the emotions and their physical manifestations were bound to pop up. So there I go carefully mixing everything, when I realise I just messed up the amounts of ingredients, so I gather what I can, and start again, hell, I’m beginning to think my baking and my rage may be attached to each other screwing up a perfectly simple cup cake recipe which I’ve adapted over and over again, and never flopped.

Maybe it was my exhaustion from not being able to fall asleep last night, or the feelings I’ve been wrestling with over the last few days, or maybe the oven decided to be cute, as it does occasionally.

My second batch didn’t come out as too much of a flop, but I wouldn’t call them a perfect success either, they taste great, but they just aren’t as worthy as my previous adaptations. but here is a picture of them anyway!



I’m doing the same solstice ritual I did last year, as it was successful. I have wine for Anubis and Hekate, as well as their portion of the cupcakes, and I’m going to take the rest of the day as it comes. I am going to enjoy the longest night of the year listening to music, and drinking wine curled up in blankets with my two old dogs, while reading a book for the pagan reading challenge in the company of my Gods.

Have a fantastic solstice, whichever side of the equator you fall in!

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